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8 January 2024

How can I print from a CAIJ copier from my laptop?


This procedure is only possible for room RC-03 of the Salon des avocats de Longueuil.


Here are the steps to follow in order to print directly from your laptop to a CAIJ copier.


1. Go to the following link: http://caij.qc.ca/impression 


Here is what you will see:



You can use the buttons at the bottom of the page to access the procedures for Apple and Google. 


2. Click on “Téléchargez et exécutez Mobility Print“. The file installation will begin. Follow the instructions to install the mobile printer service on your computer.



3. Return to the setup page and click on : “Se connecter et obtenir mes imprimantes“.



4. Start a print and you will now see the CAIJ printer in your print choices:






5. Enter your username and password. Your username is your email address and your password is the same one you use to log into your espace CAIJ.



4- Put your CAIJ card on the photocopier and your copies will come out of the printer at the Salon des avocats de Longueuil.


5- Make sure you have enough money on your CAIJ card. You can reload your card at any time by credit card, from your CAIJ space. The recharge will be immediate.




*If you are experiencing problems with the download, it is possible that your employer is using some form of barrier to prevent installations. In this case, you must contact your employer or your I.T. services.

**For any other problem, you can go see Ghita Jmali at the CAIJ library in room RC-03, she will guide you.

***Otherwise, you can write to info@caij.qc.ca.