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Templates and forms

Make your work easier with the templates and forms you have access to. They cover various legal domains and aspects of your practice. They are available with or without charges.

Diverse areas of law

The models and forms available relate to civil and criminal procedure, family law, inheritance, road safety and more. A collection of reference documents is also available for administration and inheritance.


Electronic civil procedure forms and commentary by Me Francine Payette, accompanied by commentary from Ms. Tondreau’s La clé juridique.


Several forms are available in this software, which is very popular with practitioners:

  • Child support, including case law annotations
  • Spousal support
  • Family wealth (PatriForm)
  • Mediation

Available in co-working librairies.


On this popular tool for practitioners, you will find forms for calculating :

  • child support
  • spousal support
  • family patrimony

Available in co-working librairies.

Edilex documentation center

Bilingual (French/English) collection of over 1,000 sample contracts and legal documents in commercial and corporate law.

Model deeds for notarial practice

The templates in the Répertoire de droit/Nouvelle série de la Chambre des notaires are now available in a practical search tool. You’ll find an annotated version of the templates, as well as templates to download and complete.