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Online secondary sources

Advance your cases by drawing from the greatest sources of legal doctrine, wherever you are, by logging on to Mon CAIJ.

Our most consulted works and collections

At the top of the list are Baudoin Renaud’s Code Civil du Québec annoté and Vincent Karim’s Obligations. However, collections such as the complete Alter Ego collection, the École du Barreau law Collection and Recent Developments of the Quebec Bar do not rank among the most consulted works. Also available are the works of Me Paul Martel, Traité de droit criminel. Tome IV, les garanties juridiques by Hugues Parent, Droits et libertés au travail : tout ce qu’il faut savoir by Charles Caza, Les projets immobiliers et les municipalités, 3rd edition by Pierre Delisle and Isabelle Landry, or La fiscalité locale : municipale, scolaire et régionale, 3rd edition by Pierre Delisle.

Targeted and reliable sources

CAIJ gives you access to targeted databases that complement their online library such as La référence and Lexis Advance, or to specialized sources such as AnswerConnect on information access and the protection of personal information, Canada Commons with over 25,000 e-books from Canadian publishers and over 180,000 public documents from government agencies, and HeinOnline.

Evolving body of legislature

CAIJ adds 60 to 100 articles to its repertoire of evolving doctrine every week. In all, you have access to over 4,000 articles and guides from more than 30 law firms and other CAIJ partners.