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Annotated statutes

An exceptional source of legal analysis, CAIJ’s collection of annotated statutes and codes contains over a hundred statutes from Quebec and Canada in 18 legal domains.

Save time with legislative provisions

Use legislative provisions as a gateway to all the legal knowledge available at CAIJ.

CAIJ’s corpus of annotated statutes offers you more than a hundred Quebec and federal statutes, enriched with a variety of content, such as access to CAIJ research questions, parliamentary debates for Quebec statutes, concordance tables, comments by the Minister, model procedures, associated regulations and other resources to facilitate the interpretation or application of the targeted provision.

Different interpretations at the click of a button

Use automated queries to quickly find a specific article of law cited in legal literature or court decisions. Quickly search by legislation cited in all CAIJ content.

Meaningful annotations

Access exclusive jurisprudential and doctrinal annotations from various authors, including Baudouin Renaud’s annotated Civil Code of Quebec and the entire Alter Ego collection.