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CAIJ is the tool for legal practitioners

CAIJ is a joint initiative of the Quebec Bar, the Réseau d’information juridique du Québec (RIJQ), the Association des avocats et avocates de province (AAP), the Montreal Bar and the Quebec City Bar to ensure access to quality legal information for legal professionals. Most of the specialized resources are available under authentication, or in locations accessible with the CAIJ card, such as Quebec courthouse libraries.

Today, CAIJ members include members of the judiciary, members of the Quebec Bar, members of the Chambre des notaires du Québec, members of the Association canadienne des parajuristes, law students, and École du Barreau students.

For members of the public, CAIJ’s resources and content collaborate with and support the free resources already available to the public, whether established or managed by the legal community or the State. Here are just a few examples:


The law explained in one place. Find out about your rights and obligations on a wide range of subjects.

Visit Éducaloi’s website

Justice Pro bono Québec

For pro bono (no-cost) justice services for Quebecers.

Visit Justice Pro bono Québec’s website

Centres de justice de proximité

Free services offered in many regions of Quebec to assist citizens in their quest for legal information.

Visit the Centres de justice de proximité website

JBM’s telephone legal clinic

This annual clinic provides free access to a lawyer or notary to pass on legal information.

Visit the Young Bar Association of Montreal (JBM) website


Juripop offers free or low-cost legal services to assist citizens with their legal needs.

Visit Juripop’s website

Clinique juridique of the Barreau du Québec

Get free consultations with lawyers or notaries for legal information and advice. Available in person in many cities or online across Quebec.

Visit the Clinique juridique of the Barreau du Québec website


JuridiCQ provides easy-to-understand legal and psychosocial information, resources to help you, and support to get you started.

Visit JuridiQC’s website


Free legal advice for victims of sexual and domestic violence.

Visit Rebâtir’s website


CAVACs (Centres d’aide aux victimes d’actes criminels) offer support and services to victims of crime, their loved ones and witnesses, helping them to overcome the physical, psychological and social consequences of these acts.

Visit CAVAC’s website