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Your CAIJ card gives you access to a range of services

As a CAIJ member, you have access to several services free of charge, including access to databases, the co-working library network and training. Certain additional services, such as document delivery or reprographics, are priced at preferential rates.

CAIJ card replacement

Lost or damaged20 $ + applicable taxes

Document borrowing

In-library borrowing from co-working CAIJ librariesFree of charge
Borrowing from CAIJ’s network of co-working libraries (Montreal, Quebec City, Laval, Longueuil, St-Jérôme, Gatineau, Sherbrooke)Free of charge
Loans from another library (outside the CAIJ network)*$5 / referral + courier (if applicable)
Document delivery by courier$5 shipping and $5 packing slip to return
Lost or damaged books$25 administrative fees + book replacement fees

Photocopying, printing, scanning and faxing

Black/white photocopying or printing (single-sided)$0.10 / page (tx included)
Black/white photocopying or printing (double-sided)$0.14 / sheet (tx included)
Color photocopying or printing (single-sided)$0.50 / page (tx included)
Color photocopying or printing (single-sided)$0.80 / sheet (tx included)
Scanning$0.05 / page (tx included)
Sending and receiving faxes$0.05 / page (tx included)

Locating or ordering digitized articles, chapters or book sections

Regular service $5 administrative fee per article or section.

Only external third-party fees will apply. If we find without charge, no fee will be charged.

Individual subscription

Individual subscription for 1 year$880 + applicable taxes

Accepted payment methods
In a library : credit card (Amex, Master Card, Visa), debit card, CAIJ card
Online : credit card (Amex, Master Card, Visa)
By phone or chat : CAIJ card

Applicable taxes extra, with some exceptions.

Photocopying, faxing and scanning charges include copyright.