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20 July 2022

End of the printed version of the Code civil du Québec annoté Baudouin Renaud: A renewal under the sign of continuity!


Another exclusive for CAIJ members!

CAIJ and its valued partner Wilson & Lafleur recently announced the end of the print version of the Code civil du Québec annoté Baudouin Renaud. Now available exclusively on the CAIJ’s platforms, this digital version offers the same enhanced annual content found in the paper edition.

A flagship work and a must-have in the legal world for 25 years now, the Code civil du Québec annoté Baudouin Renaud is based on the work of a team of experienced jurists who carefully select the relevant decisions of the Civil Code of Quebec from the case law of the various courts.

A common goal: to maintain the quality of doctrine in Quebec

CAIJ specialists continue to work closely with Wilson & Lafleur’s editorial teams in order to offer up-to-date and relevant content to CAIJ members. The objective is to offer those who consult the book a summary in the form of annotations and by theme under indexed headings.

In figures, the digital version of the Code civil du Québec annoté Baudouin Renaud is:

  • 32,000 comments on case law
  • 70,000 dynamic links to the various legal sources available at the CAIJ
  • Annually, nearly 200 bibliographic sources, more than 800 annotations and 1,000 judgments are added to the digital content.

Wilson & Lafleur, a publishing house known for its specialized legal resources, provides CAIJ members with privileged access to nearly two hundred works of doctrine in various fields of law.

To consult the Code civil du Québec annoté Baudouin Renaud (2022), click here!

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