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29 January 2024

CAIJ and the Barreau de Montréal launch the “Arrêt sur le Droit” podcast in partnership with the Supreme Court of Canada


CAIJ and the Barreau de Montréal are proud to announce the launch of their unique collaborative podcast,“Arrêt sur le Droit“. In partnership with the Supreme Court of Canada, this ambitious series offers a captivating dive into the complex world of law, history and contemporary social issues.

Hosted by the renowned Michel Désautels,“Arrêt sur le Droit” promises an in-depth exploration of recent Supreme Court of Canada decisions. But that’s not all! The podcast also examines the impact of these decisions on Quebec and Canadian society, while placing them in their historical and legal context.

In the introductory episode, the très honorable Richard Wagner, Chief Justice of Canada, joins Michel Désautels to introduce and contextualize this innovative series. Their discussion underscores CAIJ’s fundamental commitment to the dissemination and accessibility of legal information.

Designed in close collaboration with Barreau de Montréal researchers and CAIJ teams,“Arrêt sur le Droit” is an invaluable resource for anyone wishing to better understand our legal system.

Arrêt sur le Droit” is now available on arretsurledroit.caij.qc.ca and on your favorite online listening platforms: https://arretsurledroit.caij.qc.ca/

Stay tuned for future episodes that will continue to enrich our collective understanding of justice and its vital role in our daily lives. Season 1 of“Arrêt sur le Droit” will offer 6 exciting episodes not to be missed.