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1 January 2024

CAIJ announces the exclusive publication of two major works by author Paul Martel


The start of 2024 is marked by excellent news for legal professionals and corporate law enthusiasts: CAIJ is proud to announce the online availability of two must-have works by eminent author Paul Martel, accessible under authentication.

These two publications are of vital importance to the legal community:

  1. La société par actions au Québec (3 volumes)
  2. La corporation sans but lucratif (2 volumes)

This year, there’s a notable breakthrough: for the first time ever, La corporation sans but lucratif is now available in digital format. The aim of this initiative is to make this essential content even more accessible to a wider audience in the legal community, as part of a drive to include and modernize the resources offered by CAIJ.

About the author:

Paul Martel is a leading figure in the legal world, recognized for his undisputed expertise in corporate law. The author of numerous reference works, he has contributed to enriching the field of corporate law through his in-depth research and analysis. His reputation extends beyond the academic sphere, as he is regularly called upon by government authorities to provide expert advice on major legislative reforms affecting the Civil Code of Québecthe Quebec Companies Act and the Canada Business Corporations Act.

Thanks to his reputation as an undisputed expert, distinguished professor and prolific author, Me Martel has established himself as an essential reference in the field of corporate law.

How to access these books?

To find out more about these two essential Mon CAIJ publications, click on the following link: https://edoctrine.caij.qc.ca/Wilson%20et%20Lafleur%20-%20Martel/Livres/

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to enrich your legal library with the works of Me Paul Martel, and plunge into the fascinating world of Quebec corporate law.