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6 July 2020

The dossier spécial Droit des autochtones is now online at CAIJ!


Check out the dossier spécial Droit des autochtones now!

This dossier spécial brings together relevant legal information on legislation, case law and doctrine (including treaties) affecting Aboriginal peoples in Canada.
The information, organized by area of law, will be regularly expanded and updated. You will find information on governance, constitutional law, justice and public security, family and youth, as well as a legislative watch on federal and Quebec laws on Aboriginal law.

In addition, the Loi sur les Indiens has been added to the CAIJ’s collection de lois annotées. These laws are enriched with links to case law and doctrine citing, research questions on related topics, and related regulations. 

At the same time, find the conférences portant sur les réalités autochtones au Québec, held during the Colloque du lieutenant-gouverneur du Québec, in Quebec City, in January 2020.

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