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Traité de l’évaluation foncière, 2e édition

30 years after the first edition, the work of the late Me Jean-Guy Desjardins has been updated by a new team of authors. The multidisciplinary approach adopted by this team makes it possible to cover many subjects from a legal and practical point of view, making it the most complete work in the field.


Volume 508 – Développements récents en droit de la santé et sécurité au travail (2022)

The authors examine compensation for psychological injuries among front-line workers, the exercise of the duty of fair and impartial relief to unrepresented parties, and the scope of de novo authority.


Volume 509 – Développements récents en droit municipal (2022)

This volume discusses municipal public contracts, the navigability of a watercourse, de facto expropriation and the protection of elected municipal officials against certain financial losses related to the performance of their duties. You will also find a review of the Loi sur les compétences municipales, 15 years after its coming into force.


Le club des avocats retraités et souvenirs de leurs clients

Using scenarios created from the experiences of experienced lawyers, this book is a socio-legal reflection on the hazards of a legal adventure motivated by revenge or the desire to have the last word.




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