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17 August 2022

CAIJ Legal Community: new contents of Summer 2022!


The “Communauté juridique” page is a collaborative platform open to everyone in order to exchange on various aspects of legal news. This month, you will find :


An overview of the changes made to the Charte de la langue française 

Bill 96, assented to on June 1, 2022, will significantly change the way things are done in many areas, particularly in the business and labour worlds. Find out how these changes will affect your daily life by consulting the many texts written by our partners on the subject.


The right to disconnect: are you ready?

As the combination of telecommuting and technology blurs the line between work and private life, the right to disconnect is becoming more and more talked about, even becoming a legal obligation in some jurisdictions. Check out our article and our partners’ publications on this topic, and participate in our survey!


Supreme Court of Canada judgments… with added value!

Read about the latest decisions rendered by the Supreme Court of Canada through our headlines and articles written by our partners. Also consult the “La cause en bref ” summaries: written in clear language by the Supreme Court team, these short texts are intended to make the Court’s decisions accessible to the public.




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