Discover the new composition of the CAIJ’s Board of Directors!


At its annual general meeting, held on July 17, the CAIJ presented its 2019–2020 annual report and had the main actions taken by the Board of Directors adopted. You can consult the report here. You will find a summary of the main achievements of the past year. 

Also during this Annual General Meeting, a new board member was elected, Mtre Gina Blanchet. A member of the Liaison Committee (Quebec Chapter) since 2017 and President since 2019, Mtre Blanchet has been a litigator in family law, youth protection and civil law since 1993, and has been a prosecutor for the common municipal court of the MRC de L’Islet since 1998. Mtre Blanchet’s arrival on the council follows the departure of Claudia P. Prémont, who, since March 6, has been acting as a judge of the Superior Court of Quebec for the District of Quebec.


The 2020–2021 Board of Directors is now composed as follows:


Executive Council 

  • Mtre Alain Ricard, Chairman
  • Mtre Lauréanne Vaillant, Vice-Chairwoman
  • Mtre Pierre Pilote, Secretary-Treasurer

Board members

  • Mtre Pierre Mazurette, C.R., Ad. E. 
  • The Honourable François Rolland, Ad. E.
  • Anne Isabelle Roussy 
  • Mtre Gina Blanchet


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