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29 March 2022

Barreau de Longueuil: print directly from your mobile devices on the CAIJ printers!


In response to a request from the Barreau de Longueuil, the CAIJ has installed a photocopier in the Salon des avocats of the Longueuil courthouse.

This pilot project allows CAIJ members to print in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) mode, either from their laptop, cell phone or tablet.


A short procedure available online in our FAQ explains the steps to install the printer. In addition, a poster with instructions is also prominently displayed in the Lawyers’ Lounge.


Reminder: the Salon des avocats at the Longueuil courthouse is only accessible to lawyers; the CAIJ card doesn’t give access to the Salon.


As the essential resource for legal knowledge, the CAIJ is once again there! 




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