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5 August 2020

Read CAIJ’s 2019-2020 Annual Report!


Annual Report 2019-2020

Discover some of the topics covered in our 2019-2020 Annual Report and the full text of the Board of Directors’ Chairman’s message, Mtre Alain Ricard: 

  • Your broker’s summary of the year
  • A word from the outgoing president, Mtre Mazurette, C. R., Ad. E
  • A word from the Executive Director, Mtre Nancy J. Trudel, M.B.A., Adm. A.
  • Access to the best content and technological resources at a lower cost
  • The CAIJ: your ideal working partner
  • Accessibility of services
  • Initiatives – COVID-19
  • Expertise at the heart of the success of our projects
  • Accelerating investment for a digital transformation well underway

Check it out now and learn more about what we did this last year to strengthen our presence in your community and to respond with agility and inventiveness to changes in the law and in your practice.




A word from the Board of Directors’ Chairman, Mtre Alain Ricard


Dear members,

Digital transformation in the context of access to legal information should not be limited to the juxtaposition of technological tools. Rather, it must be a work of vision and method based on a perfect understanding of the needs of users, in our case, our members and all of our fellow citizens.

Our predecessors paved the way by pooling previously fragmented resources to democratize and secure access to legal information for all our members. Building on this vision and its tradition of excellence in client services, the CAIJ embraced the digital shift from its earliest manifestations and anticipated the acceleration of the pace in this area, enabling it to maintain the best expertise and technological solutions necessary to support the practice and add value to all aspects of its operations.

From the first days of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), the CAIJ played a unifying role within the legal community by quickly making available to its members various tools and solutions to ensure the continuity of the practice and the broadest possible dissemination of legal information. The scope of the challenges raised by this pandemic illustrated the importance of mutualized funding, which gives the CAIJ its negotiating strength and power of action. I therefore salute the foresight of my predecessors, who chose to invest massively in technology while placing members at the centre of every decision, constantly updating the benefits of mutualisation to accomplish our mission.

The need to continue making the significant investments required by CAIJ’s mission – our legal information broker – to maintain and preserve its agility and ability to act in all circumstances has been amply demonstrated. With the support of our members and partners, we look forward to the challenges ahead with the utmost confidence.

Our 2016-2021 strategic plan has been deployed at a sustained pace in all areas of our activities, with our members, employees, suppliers and other partners. The effervescence of our field of activities leads us to continually reinvent ourselves, so that the CAIJ’s strategic orientations will now take shape over a shorter horizon, namely a three-year rather than a five-year plan. We are therefore in the process of refining our new 2021-2024 strategic plan.

I am honoured to take over from Mtre Mazurette at the helm of CAIJ’s Board of Directors. A man of unwavering commitment, Mtre Mazurette is one of the founders of CAIJ and the Board of Directors and I are pleased to be able to continue to count on him as a very active member of our Board of Directors. Mtre Mazurette, thanks to your vision and achievements, CAIJ has had the freedom to approach change with confidence.

I would like to thank my fellow directors, with whom I share the community of views necessary to advance our projects. Dear colleagues, I thank you for your confidence, for the collegial work climate you cultivate and for your dedicated work.

I would also like to thank Mtre Nancy J. Trudel, our Executive Director, as well as each and every member of the CAIJ team, for their constant support, hard work and determination to innovate at every opportunity.

Innovation means sowing the seeds of the future.

Mtre Alain Ricard, Lawyer
Board of Directors’ President since 20 November 2019




Le CAIJ, votre courtier en information juridique.