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13 November 2020

Human Rights: A Special File for the Legal Community


The CAIJ and the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse (CDPDJ) are proud to launch a special file that offers the legal community a rich array of information and references concerning human rights, particularly in Quebec.

This special file brings together legislative, jurisprudential and doctrinal sources on rights and freedoms, with a particular emphasis on the CDPDJ’s jurisdiction and the role of the Human Rights Tribunal (HRT). It includes information on the general principles of rights and freedoms, discrimination, the protection of elderly and handicapped persons against exploitation, equal access programs, as well as the CDPDJ’s interventions in the protection of youth and young offenders. Remedies and procedures applicable to the CDPDJ and before the TDP are also dealt with.

“The Commission is proud to have collaborated on this special file with the CAIJ and to support the legal community in their research related to the promotion and defence of the rights and freedoms enshrined in the Quebec Charter,” said Mtre Philippe-André Tessier, President of the CDPDJ.

“What a privilege for the CAIJ to have worked closely with the CDPDJ in the creation of this special file! As a legal information broker, our mission is to share our expertise and create customized content to facilitate the practice of our members,” said Mtre Alain Ricard, Chairman of CAIJ’s Board of Directors.

This file was carried out by the CAIJ with Mtre Munja Maksimcev, as the person in charge, in collaboration with Mtre Michèle Turenne, legal counsel to the CDPDJ presidency.


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