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5 May 2021

Access 9 Thomson Reuters books through a pilot project with the CAIJ!


The CAIJ has signed a 6-month agreement with Thomson Reuters to provide remote access to 9 Thomson Reuters books in the library. This content will be available on the ProView platform throughout the pilot project.


Discover the 9 accessible titles!


  • Canadian Sentencing Digest










Authors: R. Paul Nadin-Davis and Clarey B. Sproule

Description: Text which digests federal and provincial court decisions regarding sentencing quantum under the Canadian Criminal Code and other related statutes.


  • Le congédiement en droit québécois en matière de contrat individuel de travail, 3e édition










Authors: Clément Gascon, Georges Audet, Myriane Le François, Robert Bonhomme

Description: This work provides an in-depth examination of the Act respecting Labour Standards, Act respecting Industrial Accidents and Occupational Diseases, Canada Labour Code, Civil Code of Quebec and the various remedies in civil law in matters of dismissal.  It covers the causes of dismissal, the constructive dismissal, the severance pay (or notice of termination), the obligation to reduce damages, the normal retirement age, the social benefits and the moral, punitive and exemplary damages, the restrictive employment clauses in individual employment contracts and the duty of loyalty.


  • Constitutional Law of Canada, 5th Edition










Authors: Peter W. Hogg

Description : A work on Canadian constitutional law. All aspects of the subject are thoroughly analyzed, including: basic constitutional concepts, distribution of powers including: criminal law, property and civil rights, civil liberties and practice-related issues.


  • Manuel de preuve pénale










Authors: Jean-Guy Boilard

Description: This handbook is a tool designed to provide reasoned solutions to the problems of criminal evidence which arise in court.


  • Criminal Pleadings & Practice in Canada, 2nd Edition










Authors: E. G. Ewaschuk

Description: A practice manual covering all aspects of the criminal process, from the laying of a charge through the passing of a sentence, as well as appeals and extraordinary remedies. This text discusses issues relating to jurisdiction, trials, evidence, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, statutory interpretation and division of powers.


  • McWilliams’ Canadian Criminal Evidence, 5th Edition








Authors: S. Casey Hill, Louis P. Strezos and David M. Tanovich

Description: A comprehensive source in Canada for the law of criminal evidence. This work includes analysis of principle of admissibility, exclusionary rules, instruments of evidence, principles of proof, evaluation of evidence, and pre and post-trial proceedings. In addition, it features an annual year-in-review of key developments in evidentiary law, including review of international developments on the law of criminal evidence.


  • The Law of Bail in Canada, 3rd Edition










Authors: Gary T. Trotter

Description: A book that provides comprehensive coverage of the Criminal Code bail provisions and the substantial body of case law interpreting those provisions with respect to police bail, bail hearings, bail review and forfeiture proceedings. The work analyzes and explains practice and procedure relating to judicial interim release and bail pending appeal. Includes systematic canvassing of the procedural and evidentiary issues that arise in these proceedings.


  • Insurance Law in Canada










Authors: Craig Brown and Thomas J. Donnelly

Description: This work provides a complete treatment of insurance law in Canada, combining a scholarly treatment of general principles with a practical treatment of the issues arising in specific types of insurance practice: accident and sickness insurance; automotive insurance; liability insurance; marine insurance; and property insurance.


  • Loi sur les sociétés par actions du Québec – Analyse et commentaires










Authors: Charles Chevrette and Wayne D. Gray

Description: Annotations and commentaries of the Business Corporations Act


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