Why activate Mon CAIJ?

Performance, professionalism and confidentiality

Increase your efficiency using your personalized working environment on CAIJ’s website. Integrating your member file into the Mon CAIJ secure single window allows you to access exclusive content. Optimize your practice thanks to very strict confidentiality parameters and the centralization of your research and all the documentation required for preparing your cases.


What is Mon CAIJ?


Mon CAIJ is a personalized, confidential, online workspace on CAIJ’s website. They have secure remote access to their personal account using a confidential password. In addition, enhanced content and many resources complementary to the practice of law will eventually be made available to you in this private section of CAIJ’s website.

Features that meet the needs of legal practice


  • Save your queries
  • Personal alerts associated with your queries
  • Optimized readout display
  • Save chosen research documents
  • Email specific research documents
  • Loan, reservation and/or delivery of works
  • Creation and archiving of your research files

Exclusive content in all legal fields


  • dèsLibris (Irwin Law’s E-Library)
  • Le Code civil du Québec annoté Baudouin Renaud
  • Collection de droit by the École du Barreau du Québec (Bar School materials)
  • La référence
  • HeinOnline
  • LegalTrac
  • CRAC (real-time search in Canada-wide company registers)

Simplified access to CAIJ’s services


  • Top up your CAIJ card to complete your transactions
  • Transaction history (loan, reservation, delivery, corporate profile orders)
  • Remote access to certain databases
  • Training (Registration, certificate and history of training courses with the CAIJ)
  • Research folders archives
  • Your user profile preferences
  • Password management

Why connect to Mon CAIJ?


To take advantage of CAIJ’s power as a broker

This private section of the website allows CAIJ to negotiate agreements with publishers to obtain secure remote access to a broader range of legal reference works all the while developing new features.

To help manage information for clients’ records

The Mon CAIJ Single Window with Authentication optimizes the logistics of managing your client records by allowing you to save your UNIK results, annotated statutes, documented research questions, online secondary sources or results from the library catalog or the Reid dictionary. This allows you to refine previously saved legal searches and even select or categorize relevant information for your records.

To monitor the evolution of law

Mon CAIJ personalized alerts keep you informed of the latest developments regarding your previous searches. This functionality allows you to more closely monitor evolving doctrine, legislation and decisions. In the private Mon CAIJ environment, you can also register for training courses offered by CAIJ.