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UNIK search engine

UNIK is CAIJ’s search engine. UNIK is designed and constantly improved to search through millions of documents online or in a co-working library with simplicity, reliability, speed and power.

Witness the quantity and the diversity, without sacrificing precision!

The content queried by UNIK is vast and diversified, amounting to nearly 4 million documents: full texts of federal and provincial case law, federal and provincial legislation, documented research questions, online doctrine, printed works on foreign law, comparative law and international law, and more.

Refine and save your results

The results of your UNIK searches can be progressively refined by source of law, type of document, jurisdiction, court, author, date of publication, and more.

Attend training sessions for more relevant results!

CAIJ offers tailor-made online or in-person classes to enable you to benefit from all the resources set up for you.

Get a helping hand!

Need help from our researchers to guide your search, refine your results or save them in your confidential files on Mon CAIJ? CAIJ’s resources are at your service to facilitate your practice.