Student Account

The student account gives you the opportunity to explore and, above all, to familiarize yourself with certain privileges usually reserved for CAIJ members. 

The student account is valid for 12 months and provides access to most of the CAIJ’s tools and content as well as a personalized and confidential workspace. 


Student Account Access

By creating a student account, you will have access to:

Features tailored to the need of the practice
√ Saving of your queries
√ Customized alerts associated with your queries
√ Zen reading (reading optimized according to the display)
√ Save search documents
√ Emailing of search documents
√ Creating and archiving your research files

Exclusive content in various areas of law
√ Code civil du Québec annoté Baudoin Renaud
√ La Collection de droit from the École du Barreau

Simplified access to CAIJ services
√ Training (registration, attestation and training history with the CAIJ)