Types of Research

Legal Documentation Research

A team of legal research professionals is available at the various CAIJ resource and regional libraries.  They have access to numerous information resources covering all fields of Québec, Canadian and international law.

Please note that we do not issue legal opinions, nor provide interpretations or summaries of legal texts.

Research Service staff can provide the following:

Research on a Legal Issue or a Point of Law

  • Developing research strategies.
  • Selecting sources and tools.
  • Consulting print resources, CD-ROMs and databases.
  • Searching legislation, caselaw and secondary sources

Legislative Research

  • Searching:
    • a recent or older statute;
    • the date of coming into force of a statute;
    • a proclamation or order in Council;
    • a regulation;
    • cited legislation.
  • Updating a statute.
  • Searching in parliamentary debates.

Caselaw Research

  • Searching:
    • a recent or older decision;
    • cited caselaw.
  • Verifying citations.

Search in Secondary Sources

  • Searching in JuriBistroTM BIBLIO Libraries Catalogue.
  • Locating journal articles, reports, conferences, etc.
  • Identifying texts on a specific topic or field.

Research Support

  • Help in finding particular information.
  • Directing towards the appropriate documentary resource.
  • Help in orienting your research.
  • Support in the use of a database.

Document on Demand

  • Copying, faxing and electronic transmission of materials found from complete citation and information.
  • Sending materials by courier.