Your CAIJ Card gives you access to an array of services

As a CAIJ member you have access to free services such as databases online, co-working librairies and training. Some complementary services, like document delivery or reprography are offered at preferred rates.

Replacement of CAIJ Card


Description Rate

Lost or damaged




Borrowing documents


Description Rate

Borrowing document in a CAIJ co-working library


Borrowing document from a CAIJ co-working library (Montréal, Québec City, Laval, Longueuil, St-Jerôme, Gatineau, Sherbrooke)


Borrowing document from another legal library (outside of CAIJ’s network) *

$5 / referral + messenger (if applicable)

Document delivery by messenger

$5 shipping and $5 packing slip to return

Lost or damaged book

Administrative fees $25 + book replacement fees

* If the document is not part of  CAIJ’s collection

Photocopying, printing, scanning and faxing

Description Rate

Black and white photocopies (recto)

$0.10 / page (tx included)

Black and white photocopies or printing (recto/verso)

$0.14 / sheet (tx included)

Color photocopies or printing (recto)

$0.50 / page (tx included)

Color photocopies or prints (recto/verso)

$0.80 / sheet (tx included)


$0.05 / page (tx included)

Sending and receiving faxes

$0.05 / page (tx included)

Document tracking or article search request 


Description Rate

Regular service 

(3 opening hours after the client’s demand)

$ 5 / document

Individual subscription


Description Rate

Indivudual subscription for a year

$ 880 + taxes and fees

Accepted methods of payment.: cash, credit card (Amex, Master Card, Visa), debit card, CAIJ card, online payment (for certain services).

Applicable taxes excluded subject to exceptions.

Printing, faxing and scanning fees include copyright.