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CAIJ relies on a network of partners, some of whom have been with us since our inception. These partnerships open up reliable and relevant channels of communication with representatives of the legal community. In this way, CAIJ keeps abreast of the needs of community members, and can better direct its development activities to address identified issues, while supporting its partners in their strategic projects.

Founding partners

CAIJ has signed long-term partnership agreements with a number of bar associations to cover the whole of Quebec. Improving access to legal knowledge, regardless of practice location, is at the heart of CAIJ’s mission.

Mission partners

CAIJ supports mission partners on a biennial or triennial basis for the realization of several projects or, on a one-time basis, for the sponsorship of an event or activity. They are selected as partners because they contribute to our mission by responding to one or other of our development niches. These are often organizations bringing together up-and-coming members, or dedicated to research and the advancement of the practice of law.

Recipients of one-time sponsorships

CAIJ regularly supports the initiatives and one-off activities of a number of organizations within the legal community. Support is directed at the event or activity, not exclusively at the organization itself. These initiatives also respond to the development niches identified by CAIJ.

Business partners

CAIJ also maintains business partnerships to better serve its users. These so-called business partners are key suppliers who help CAIJ grow and stay ahead of the game in terms of technology or content delivery, such as legal publishers.

CAIJ users

CAIJ considers its users to be partners in the development of its service offering, since their use of its resources and tools, and the dialogue they maintain with CAIJ experts on a daily basis, contribute to the improvement of its offering. As such, they are invaluable partners!

Our annual reports present a complete list of our partners and initiatives supported over the years.