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CAIJ’s online training courses consist of interactive video modules. Just register and take them at your own pace, from wherever you may be. They can be accessed at any time by logging onto Mon CAIJ. To obtain your certification, you must have completed all the training modules. We recommend using the Google Chrome browser.

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Cannabis legalization: impacts on residential leasing

The  Légalisation du cannabis : impact sur le droit locatif training course will allow you to acquire knowledge on the legalization of cannabis’s impact regarding residential leasing issues.


  • Explore regulation of the legalization of cannabis in Canada and Quebec
  • Discover caselaw related to cannabis and rental rights
  • Review the rules regarding cannabis for medical purposes
  • Be aware of the transitional period for residential leasing

Duration : 1 :00

Code of civil procedure overview: Part 1

The training course Code of civil procedure overview: Part 1 explores information regarding the Code of Civil Procedure in the CAIJ’s resources.



  • Learn the history of the Code of civil procedure
  • Identify the main amendments made to the Code of civil procedure
  • Discover the exclusive functionalities of CAIJ’s annotated Code of civil procedure

Duration : 1 :00

Code of civil procedure overview: Part 2

The training course Code of civil procedure overview: Part 2 outlines the general rules of the Code of civil procedure.



  • Develop reflexes and acquire knowledge that will help you in your practice
  • Discover the legal content at CAIJ in order to facilitate your research

Duration : 2 : 00

Introduction to CAIJ resources and services

This one-hour virtual experience is primarily intended to introduce you to our website, resources and services.

The objectives:

  • Activate your personalized and confidential Mon CAIJ workspace.
  • Experience the use of UNIK in order to perform an optimal query across all CAIJ content.
  • Organize your search results in folders so that you receive notifications of evolving updates.
  • Review the coaching and support services offered to you by the CAIJ team wherever you are.

Duration: 1 hour

Introduction to the potential impact of using IT at work

The Introduction to the potential impact of using IT at work  training course addresses the potential implications for the employee when using information technology in the workplace.

Objectives :

  • Learn about the consequences of using social networks during business hours
  • Be aware of the possible consequences of consulting personal emails during working hours
  • Understand the potential ramification of using the employer’s equipment for personal purposes during working hours

Duration : 1 :00

Webinar Replay – Privacy Expectations and Electronic Evidence

George Orwell’s surveillance society, in his 1984 anticipatory novel, has never been more topical! Does cybercrime, which is growing exponentially, bring in its wake issues that sometimes go beyond fiction?

Are you passionate about the concept of reasonable expectation of privacy, or does it elude you completely? Do you think that protection against unreasonable search and seizure is worthy of closer analysis? And how do the various authorities in Quebec and Canada view these issues?

Mtre Annie Emond, a renowned criminal lawyer who knows how to navigate with agility in long-term cases involving economic crimes and cybercrime, will offer you reflections adapted to these questions.


At the end of this webinar, you will be able to :

  • Identify the general principles and applicability criteria to determine whether there is a reasonable expectation of privacy in relation to section 8 of the Charter
  • Name decisions that have applied these principles and criteria to e-discovery.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Webinar Replay : CAIJ | – Excel – Part 2 : An in-depth appropriation!

By popular demand, the CAIJ | tandem offers you the logical continuation of the webinar that focused on the use of basic Excel functionalities. We will help you implement some tips and tricks that are synonymous with productivity. The use of long tables, better print management, and optimal use of pivot tables will be there!  

– Develop data entries with drop-down lists
– Use pivot tables to quickly filter the expected results
– Putting print management into practice

This webinar was designed in collaboration with It is a formative website specialized in office automation, francophone and designed in Quebec. It includes short video clips, grouped by level, for Skype Entreprise, OneNote, Publisher, Teams, Excel and Word.

Duration: 1 hour 

Webinar Replay : CAIJ | – Excel – Taking your first steps with confidence

Are you intimidated by Excel? You don’t know how and why to use it? Here’s your chance to do something about it! Discover in a few steps various uses, and see how to perform simple calculations or design lists.

The objectives:

  • Identify the main components of Excel
  • Create formulas
  • Manipulating a list of data

Duration: 45 minutes

Webinar Replay : CAIJ | – Microsoft Teams – Meetings and conversations made easy!

For many months now, most of us have been immersed in a reality synonymous with distance. Courses, work, meetings: spacing has become the norm. The tools that allow us to stay in touch are abundant. Nevertheless, the Quebec courts have recently oriented their choice for Teams.

Take the opportunity to make this tool that allows you to stay connected! Whether it is for your professional, school or personal activities, Teams offers you an adapted virtual experience. 

The objectives: 

  • Examine the Teams environment
  • Manipulate the different Teams collaboration tools
  • Manage a meeting using Teams and the Teams Calendar

Duration: 1 hour

Webinar Replay : CAIJ | – Outlook – Taking back control of your inbox

Get back in control of your Outlook inbox with helpful hints to help you get organized and start the new school year!

The objectives:

  • Create a tree structure
  • Assign priorities
  • Search for specific emails in the inbox

Duration: 45 minutes


Webinar Replay : CAIJ | – Outlook – Using tasks to track your projects

Maximize your teleworking performance with this CAIJ| webinar on using Outlook tasks. It will allow you to keep your action lists up to date and assign tasks to others.

The objectives:

  • Name the main tools and work options available in Outlook
  • Efficiently organize tasks in Outlook
  • Build a dynamic structure within this tool to help you remember

Duration: 30 minutes

Webinar Replay : Obtaining a Certificat de sélection du Québec in 2020 : ARRIMA and the new rules of the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ)

As of July 22, 2020, new selection conditions apply to applications submitted under the Quebec Experience Program (QEP).

The latest legislative developments in Quebec regarding immigration are taking place in parallel with an unusual societal context. Consequently, you were invited to attend this webinar on October 30, 2010, which informed you of these most recent changes. Mtre Guillaume Cliche-Rivard, President of the Association québécoise des avocates et avocats en droit de l’immigration, explored with you the different facets of the subject.

The objectives: 

  • To nuance the main legislative changes inherent to immigration in Quebec
  • Identify the new rules of the Quebec Experience Program (QEP)
  • Develop successful informational alerting strategies

Duration: 1 hour

Webinar Replay : Overhaul of the Régie du logement : Part 1

This first webinar on the overhaul of the Régie du logement focuses on the role of the Tribunal administratif du logement, its procedures and the sanctioning of abuse of process.

The objectives:

  • Understand the objectives of the Rental Board overhaul
  • Know the new procedure to follow before the Administrative Housing Tribunal
  • Discover CAIJ’s special dossier on the Régie du logement (Housing Authority)

Duration: 1 hour

Webinar Replay : Overhaul of the Régie du logement : Part 2

The second webinar on the overhaul of the Régie du logement deals with the limits of the jurisdiction of the Tribunal administratif du logement, the ban on smoking cannabis and the neighbourhood disturbances caused by its use.

The objectives:

  • Overview of the limits of the jurisdiction of the Tribunal administratif du logement (Rental Administrative Tribunal)
  • Acquire research tips and tricks using UNIK
  • Putting the ban on smoking cannabis and rental law in context

Duration: 1 hour

Webinar Replay : Overhaul of the Régie du logement : Part 3

This third and final webinar on the overhaul of the Régie du logement presents the necessary conditions for requests for retraction, review or appeal, without forgetting the main rules and restrictions applicable to subletting by Airbnb.

The objectives:

  • To know the conditions for requesting a retraction, a revision or an appeal
  • Addressing the main rules to the Airbnb sublease
  • Update your knowledge with Mon CAIJ and CAIJ’s special features

Duration: 1 hour

Webinar Replay: Grief: Developments During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis strikes wherever it goes. It has left its mark on many areas of law, and the criminal is no exception.

Mtre Robert Israel, criminal lawyer at Battista Turcot Israel s.e.n.c., and lecturer in criminal law at McGill University will shed light on the main developments in the field of sentencing, in parallel with these many months of pandemic.

First, what is the effect of the COVID-19 crisis on sentencing, especially for accused persons, the accused in custody, before their respective sentences are handed down? Is it possible to consider a credit beyond 1.5 for each day of pre-trial detention because of the effects of the pandemic on prison conditions? Second, what about the challenge to the conditional sentence prohibition in section 742.1 of the Criminal Code for certain offences?

The invitation is extended!


At the end of this activity, you will be able to :

  • Identify the impact of prison conditions on sentences handed down during this pandemic period
  • Selecting the Strategy to Challenge Prohibition Against Conditional Sentencing

Duration: 1 hour

Webinar Replay: One year after the Vavilov decision, what are the impacts on immigration law?

On December 19, 2019, the Supreme Court of Canada issued a much-anticipated decision in Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) v. Vavilov. This decision, among others, characterizes the scope of judicial review in administrative proceedings. It follows the 2008 Supreme Court decision in Dunsmuir v. New Brunswick.

But to what extent did the Vavilov decision change the Dunsmuir decision when Dunsmuir will soon blow out its first candle?

On November 27th, our speaker, Mtre Guillaume Cliche-Rivard, President of AQAADI and an active participant in this file, enthusiastically delivered the welcome reserved for this review by various immigration law tribunals. 


  • Examine the importance of judicial review
  • Dissociating the new formula – Vavilov decision from the old one – Dunsmuir decision
  • Judging the new analytical framework for determining the standard of review, as it relates to immigration law

Duration: 1 hour