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"According to the latest census figures (2016), there are over 2,160,000 renter households in Quebec. This represents more than 38% of all Quebec families who, by choice or by obligation, rely on a residential rental contract to have a roof over their heads.

Residential renting therefore affects a large part of the population. However, the legal rules that govern it are often not well known by both landlords and tenants. Even in the legal community, few lawyers can claim to be familiar with this area of law. It is a subject that is rarely taught in universities and few lawyers practice in it.

The objective of this book is therefore to provide a tool covering all the legal norms relating to the law of residential leases. It is structured according to the main stages of a residential lease: the stages prior to the arrival in the dwelling, the signing of the lease, the occupation of the dwelling, the renewal of the contract and, finally, the end of the contract."

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