The new contents of the CAIJ for July 2022!


Each month, the full text of key works is added to the Espace CAIJ. Here are the new additions for July 2022!


Volume 510 - Développements récents en droit des marchés publics (2022)

The authors examine the duty to inform in public contracts, the extent of freedom of contract for public bodies and the discretion of the public contracting authority in the awarding process. They also take stock of the eligibility and compliance analysis five years after the Tapitec v. Ville de Blainville decision, outline the practical considerations applicable to public bodies' mutual agreement contracts, and review the landmark case law of 2020-2021.


Volume 511 - Développements récents en droit du travail (2022)

Remote monitoring, freedom of choice as a component of freedom of association, the right to disconnect and mandatory vaccination are the topics covered in this book. It also discusses the role of the arbitrator in determining whether a disciplinary or administrative measure is appropriate and outlines the rules applicable to employment agencies in the Loi sur les normes du travail.


Volume 512 – Développements récents en déontologie, droit professionnel et disciplinaire (2022)

Find out what avenues are available for appealing interlocutory decisions of disciplinary boards, read a study on systemic discrimination in the professional system, and view a review of ten landmark decisions of the Professions Tribunal.


Volume 513 – Développements récents en droit du travail en éducation (2022)

Learn about current issues such as the scope of an employee's right to publicly criticize his or her employer and teachers' professional autonomy in times of crisis in this book on employment law in the education sector. Learn about legal perspectives on dependencies and the union's duty to consult, and get an update on administrative dismissal for incompetence three years after the Kativik decision.




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