Members and Privileges

Count on CAIJ to be your ideal work partner. The privileges associated with membership in CAIJ include tools and expertise supporting the legal practice. Created out of a desire of the Bar of Montreal, Barreau du Québec and the Association des avocats de province to monitor the evolution of the legal profession and democratize justice by improving access to legal knowledge, CAIJ negotiates on behalf of its members to acquire the best content and select the best technological resources.


Who are CAIJ members?

You are a member of CAIJ if :

  • you are a member of the Barreau du Québec
  • you are a judge appointed to the Quebec judiciary
  • you are a student of the École du Barreau in Montreal, Quebec City, Sherbrooke or Gatineau
  • you are a member of an association or a partner that concluded an agreement with CAIJ.

Our founding members will always have priority

The founding members will always have priority. As the founders of CAIJ, the members of the Barreau du Québec occupy a special place. Since CAIJ’s creation in 2001, they have helped it achieve its mission of making legal information accessible and ensuring that access is consistent regardless of geographic location or work environment.

Guarantees can be issued to members’ employees

A CAIJ member can guarantee you only if you work directly for him or her in a legal firm or department. To this end, the CAIJ member must fill out a guarantee form giving you access to all of CAIJ’s services in the performance of your duties. The member who guarantees you is fully responsible for your activities and transactions. Should any fees charged to your account remain unpaid, CAIJ reserves the right to suspend your account and that of your guarantor. Note that a guarantee cannot be issued to a member of a professional order.

The general public is invited to consult Éducaloi

CAIJ is an organization that focuses exclusively on the needs of legal professionals. If you are looking for information on your individual rights and obligations, you are invited to consult the Éducaloi website, where legal information and current legal events are detailed in plain language for educational purposes.

What are the exclusive services for CAIJ members?

Save time with the CAIJ card. As a member, you automatically receive a personal card with a unique number, which guarantees you mobility and security throughout the network, online and offline. Your files are handled in complete confidentiality wherever you may be.

The CAIJ card is your access key to :

  • 43 co-working libraries
  • 25 lawyers’ cloakrooms
  • cutting-edge reprographic equipment
  • self-serve loan stations
  • and the Mon CAIJ online working environment

Access the best legal content and analyses in any location and on all platforms. Through the strength of its network, CAIJ, a legal information broker with over 30,000 members, is able to anticipate your needs wherever you may be.

Increase your efficiency using your personalized working environment on CAIJ’s website. Find all the functionalities offered online in the same place, making it easy to monitor your files and back up your research requests and documents.

Work throughout Quebec without concern about the confidentiality of your files. Established in over 75% of the province’s courthouses and justice service points, CAIJ’s 43 co-working libraries are an extension of your office wherever you may be.

Benefit from, among other things, research support, training courses online and in person recognized by the Barreau du Québec, secure remote access to several databases and delivery of numerous reference works to your home or office.

Who can benefit from the exclusive services?


Access to all of CAIJ’s services is reserved for CAIJ’s members and support staff with a guarantee. CAIJ’s primary goal is to help members of the Barreau du Québec, the judiciary and legal professionals support their clients.

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