To simplify your work and satisfy your intellectual curiosity, CAIJ researchers integrate all recent and relevant legal sources on a current topic into a single web page.

Artificial intelligence

Have a better understanding of the impact of artificial intelligence on law and have special access to a technology watch by field.


Find information on the pandemic caused by coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Cannabis legalization

Find drug-related provincial, federal and international government documents, as well as a selection of topical secondary sources in the legal fields impacted by the new legislation.

Régie du logement

Find all the Régie du logement’s decisions since 2009, as well as links to any case law, secondary sources or legislation available in the CAIJ collection on residential leasing.

Code of Civil Procedure

Find all the documentation available at CAIJ on the new Code of Civil Procedure, in order to quickly access relevant legal information essential for its application.

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