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What configurations are required for using Espace CAIJ and Mon CAIJ?


This site and the search tools are optimized for a resolution of 1024 x 768 or more.

Web Browsers

To use the search tools, Javascript must be activated in your browser.

They are designed and optimized for the following browsers:



 Google Chrome 39 or more


 Mozilla Firefox 34 or more

Internet Explorer 

 Internet Explorer 11 or more


 Safari 7 or more


 Opera 30 or more 



To read a PDF  file, you must use ADOBE ACROBAT READER software.



To read a FLASH file, you must use ADOBE FLASH PLAYER software.



To consult RSS feeds using your browser, you must have a recent version of the latter, including Internet Explorer 8 or more  or Firefox 3.6 or more .

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