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How do I create or reset my password?

To create or reset your password, click on the linkActiver Mon CAIJ of the Login page


Create your password at the bottom of the Mon CAIJ authentication form. You will then be redirected to a create or reset password window where you will be asked to enter your CAIJ Card number, your Bar number without a dash, or your email address.


Once you enter your ID number, an email with a link to create or reset your password will be sent to the email address associated with the Tableau de l’Ordre (roll) of the Barreau du Québec. 


Open the email and click on the password creation or reset button. 


You will then be redirected to the password creation or reset form. Just enter your new password twice, respecting the parameters stated at the top of the form, and click on the Create or reset button.


The screen below will confirm the creation or reset of your password. 

If you experience problems with the reset link in Outlookplease follow the steps below: 

1.  From your Outlook boxdouble-click on the password creation or reset email to open it in a separate window. 

2. In the email window, select Other actions (Outlook 2007) or Actions (Outlook 2010), then Post in browser. 

Outlook 2010

Outlook 2007


3. If a dialogue box appears, click on OKThe message should open in your browser


4. In the browser page, click on the password creation or reset button and complete the creation or reset process described above. 

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