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8 January 2024

How do I access CAIJ’s co-working libraries?

Access to the CAIJ’s co-working libraries is reserved exclusively for CAIJ cardholders. Users must use their CAIJ card to open the library door and identify themselves, when required, by presenting their CAIJ card or other valid identification.

The following are the regulations in effect in the CAIJ’s co-working libraries:

  • Refrain from any unwelcome behaviour towards other users and staff, such as the use of cell phones or cameras.
  • Respect a neat dress code.
  • Maintain documents in good condition by refraining from annotating, penciling or otherwise damaging them.
  • Respect the special conditions for consulting certain documents.
  • Respect the provisions of the Copyright Act.
  • Contribute to the maintenance of order and cleanliness of the premises, in particular by not consuming food or drink.
  • Comply with the Tobacco Act.
  • Comply with security measures when leaving libraries where there is an anti-theft system, and allow, if necessary, the inspection of personal belongings.
  • Comply with all other directives issued by the CAIJ.

If you don’t have your CAIJ card, here is how to request it.