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How can I obtain a form from the Code of Civil Procedure from Me Francine Payette?

The CAIJ concluded a pilot project with JurisConcept in order to provide remote access to the templates of forms written by Me Francine Payette through the JurisÉvolution platform. This new service is available at no extra cost to CAIJ members.


When logging in to JurisEvolution for the first time, please follow these instructions: 

1. Select “JurisÉvolution” in the “Base de données” section of “Espace CAIJ.

2. Enter your last name, first name and gender. The “Entity” section is not mandatory.

3. The software will then create your workspace in JurisÉvolution. This process may take a few minutes. Future connections to the platform will be faster.

4. A JurisÉvolution support guide will appear to help you download and read the terms and conditions of use from JurisÉvolution. 

5. When the terms and conditions of use are accepted, you will be able to start using the platform.  


To obtain a form :   

1. Select “JurisÉvolution” in the “Base de données” section of “Espace CAIJ”.

2. The JurisÉvolution home page will open.

3. Select a “personnes” from the list of people; 

4. Then select the document icon circled at the top left of your screen. This icon gives you access to the forms; 

5. Enter the name of the form, the article of the Code of Civil Procedure, or any other keyword to search the form templates; then select the desired template; 


6. Select the Word application icon at the top right of your window;

7. The form template will be downloaded to your computer and is ready to fill out.   

8. You can follow the same steps for the next forms you need. 

For more information, watch our tutorial: here


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our customer service by chat, by phone at 1 844 596-CAIJ or by email at info@caij.qc.ca. 

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