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As a member, do I have access to work stations and the internet?

Work stations (computers and terminals) equipped with Microsoft Office Suite and Internet access are made available to members in all CAIJ co-working libraries.

CAIJ cannot be held responsible for the reliability, accuracy or relevance of Internet content. CAIJ cannot guarantee access to one site in particular, since addresses and sites are constantly changing and technical problems may also occur.

Anyone who uses a work station in one of CAIJ’s libraries must abide by the following rules:

  • Do not illegally copy content protected by copyright regulations;
  • Do not use the Internet for fraudulent or illegal purposes, prohibited under federal and provincial legislation;
  • Respect usage rights for the software available in the libraries;
  • Respect library access policies;
  • Do not pirate or block the activities of other Internet users;
  • Respect the privacy of other users;
  • Do not damage equipment, software or data;
  • Do not change computer or software configurations;
  • Do not install new software;
  • Do not abuse CAIJ’s bandwidth (e.g.: YouTube, downloading music, etc.).

Users must also:

  • Exercise caution when transmitting personal or financial information;
  • Respect security measures falling under their own responsibility;
  • Log off when finished;
  • Erase all files created before leaving the work station.
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