Document retrieval

Notice to Our Members — COVID-19


If it is a request for a document retrieval, our team will be pleased to assist you at no administrative cost. You will only be charged the actual costs required by SOQUIJ. 


Thank you to our partner Edilex who allows us, until March 31, 2023, to provide CAIJ members with five forms or templates they need through the tracking service at no cost.      


You know exactly what you are looking for, our team can find it!

Our team is available to help you find all the information you need.


For an administrative fee of $5 per document, we can deposit in your CAIJ file the documents for which you have provided us with complete references: author, title, journal, year, pages, etc.

It is also possible to transmit to you in your CAIJ file articles to which you do not have remote access or to digitize certain portions of a book provided that this respects the terms of the Copyright Act.

To obtain a document, fill out the form below or contact us.


    * Required

    The work of locating document(s) will be done as soon as we receive a request. The reference to the document must be complete and accurate (author, title, journal, year, pages, etc.). The mandate excludes the review of caselaw appeals, unless expressly requested. Expenses incurred remain due: When the reference to the requested text is incorrect and / or the document can not be found; When you decide to stop your application before receiving the results.