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Over 45 employees at the service of more than 30,000 members

Monitoring and anticipating changes in the practice of law takes energetic people who have your professional interests at heart. Feel free to draw on their knowledge, as well as their tools and services, either online, by telephone, in the co-working library, at the office, in the courthouse or at home. Our team focuses on three areas of expertise: customer experience, legal information and technology.

CAIJ management

The management team pools its wide range of expertise and experience to guide CAIJ’s professionals in developing the best products and services for members.

Mtre Nancy J. Trudel, M.B.A., Executive Director

“The modernization of Quebec justice is based on the pooling of the ideas and resources of CAIJ, its members and its partners.”

Nancy J. Trudel is quite a pragmatic lawyer. For her, law and business administration go hand-in-hand in terms of ensuring access to quality justice. Member of the Barreau du Québec since 1997 and the Ordre des administrateurs agréés du Québec since 2014, she holds a law degree from the Université de Montréal and a double degree in the Executive MBA program at UQAM in partnership with Université de Paris-Dauphine.

Daring to be different has exposed Mtre Trudel to a variety of issues and files. Her inclusive, comprehensive approach stems from her desire to defend all viewpoints. After working as a private-practice lawyer and then a manager in a damage insurance brokerage firm, she ran the Barreau du Québec’s Registry Office from 2006 to 2016 and managed projects promoting public protection.

From the outset, MtreTrudel knew that her practice would not be a traditional one. Moreover, by seeking out the right decisions and actions, she has rapidly taken CAIJ to new heights since becoming Executive Director in 2016. She oversees the implementation of the organization’s strategic and action plans to ensure the satisfaction of members and the optimum use of resources. Mtre Trudel mobilizes the entire team to work toward keeping the group strong by consolidating its surveillance and the synergy of its three areas of expertise to ensure that the CAIJ remains the guardian of legal knowledge.

Mr. Dave Hinse, Director—Information Technology

“ Our aim is to have a technological infrastructure providing our members with effective, reliable and secure tools and services. ”

Dave Hinse has over 20 years’ experience in the IT services sector, as well as a proven track record for driving the growth of start-ups, SMBs and large enterprises. An entrepreneur himself, he began designing software, hardware and websites before IT professions even existed. A strong proponent of new technology, he feels that utility and user friendliness take precedence over methods. He firmly believes that every technical problem has its solution.

With his keen eye for detail, Mr. Hinse strives to master all aspects of SaaS (Software as a Service), cloud computing and platform development. His efforts were so successful that the company Primonics Inc., where he served on the management team for over 10 years, was purchased by the U.S. company Securus Technologies. He then joined CloudOps as Director of Managed Services and Operations, and more recently Baseline Telematics as Director of Software and Cloud. At CAIJ, Mr. Hinse is responsible for managing all technological aspects for meeting members’ changing needs.

Ms. Karine Mac Allister, Director—Customer Experience

“The development of a unique legal heritage in North America is the strength of our team, which is driven by a human and avant-garde vision of legal information management, client service and andragogy. »

Ms. Mac Allister has been with the CAIJ since 2015, where her previous positions included Training Manager, Assistant Director – Client Experience, before being appointed Director – Client Experience in 2019.

Karine Mac Allister holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from York University in Toronto and a Master’s degree in International and European Law from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. She was the legal coordinator for four years for the BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights in Bethlehem, Occupied Palestinian Territory.

She obtained a mention of excellence for her doctoral thesis in international law at the University of Montreal. Her work is built on a conception of the rule of law at the service of the principle of humanity. More specifically, she studied the crime of population transfer through a jurisprudential analysis. She has supported the need to anchor the interpretation of the crime of population transfer in international human rights law, international humanitarian law and international criminal law in order to strengthen the protection of civilians. She has also taught courses at the Faculty of Law of the Université de Montréal.

What motivates her? The possibility of contributing to the democratization of access to legal information within the profession and, more broadly, to access to justice.

Ms. Martine Robert, Director of Publication

“We continue to make every effort to use CAIJ’s doctrinal collection to structure the legal data for the great challenges that await us all.”

Martine Robert has been working as a manager in the legal community for some twenty years, among law firms and legal publishers. Her legal team has set up the online civil law platform now known as La référence. At Éditions Yvon Blais, she has directed and edited important collections such as Les mesures disciplinaires et non disciplinaires dans les rapports collectifs du travail, Droit québécois de l’environnement as well as Sentences arbitrales de griefs.

She subsequently held the positions of compliance and document management manager for the Montreal, Quebec City and Paris offices of Fasken Martineau, and then directed the information service for 350 lawyers, in collaboration with the other regional offices of the Fasken Group. In 2017, she joins CAIJ as a content analyst. Her expertise in document management will be put to good use in a major project in collaboration with the Court of Quebec and the Quebec Judicial Council. She continues to work on the publication of digital content on the CAIJ’s website and to lead the activities of the Bibio-Express team, which is present in many law and litigation firms with the same goal in mind: the acquisition and dissemination of quality legal information.

Employees supporting the Executive Team


Lina Aquino

Management Coordinator


Maude Cormier



Caroline Ducap

Financial Controller


Tristan Evrard

Communications and Marketing Consultant


Jessica Falco

Analyst – Digital Transformation


Sophie Gagnon

Technician – Administrative Support


Annick Gariépy

Coordinator – Client Relations and Special Projects


Catherine Giachetti

Advisor – Legal Affairs and Human Resources


Mathieu Lafleur

Program Manager – Digital Transformation


Isabelle Lizotte

Content Analyst – Digital Transformation


Guillaume Marcotte

Communications and Marketing Consultant



Tania Matamoros

Payroll and Human Resources Technician


Nathalie Roy

Industry Innovation and Transformation Advisor


Jivko Sabev

Senior Programmer Analyst – Digital Transformation


Rose-Marie Tremblay

Receptionist Clerk


Marc-André Trépanier

Senior Consultant—Communications and Marketing

Customer Experience


Claudia Aguirre

Library Manager, Laval


Kasey Boisvenue

Library Clerk


Thomas Brossard

Research Specialist, Training and Customer Relation


Julie Brousseau

Chief Operations


Shirley Couture

Research Specialist, Training and Customer Relation


Lisette Desjardins

Library Manager, Longueuil


Benoît-Alexis Dufresne

Chief – Research and Training


Mélanie Fournier

Library Clerk


Lisa Gaudreault

Research/Training Specialist


Narrah Gilbert



Charles Goudreau

Documentation Technician


Nicolas Gravel

Research Specialist, Training and Customer Relation


Stéphane Gravel

Library Manager, Gatineau


Priscilla Grondin



Hana Haddaoui



Ghita Jmali

Library Clerk


Manon Léveillé

Library Manager, Saint-Jérôme


Patricia Mbakama



Brigitte Morin

Junior Documentation Technician


Marie-Hélène Morneau

Research Specialist, Training and Customer Relation


Isabelle Ostiguy

Documentation Technician


Sophie Orssaud

Law Librarian


Johanne Paquin

Library Service Clerk


Vanessa Quiring

Chief – Document Processing & Library System



Nathalie Auger

Digital Content Analyst


Pamela Dion

Documentation Technician


Célia Lacroix

Biblio-Express Services Coordinator


Josée Lafontaine

Publication Coordinator


Thomas Lobrichon

Documentation Technician


Fabella Roy-Duquette

Biblio-Express Services Coordinator

Information Technology


Tiahiti Caspar

IT Security and Compliance Analyst


Danny Chiu

Analyst Programmer


Jean-François Gagné

Manager – IT Operations and Infrastructure


Marie-Josée Heck

Programmer Analyst


Didier Léoma Léonard

Computer Technician


Sylvain Quirantes

Product Manager


Francis Tétrault

Senior Programmer Analyst

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