Using your card Carte CAIJ

All CAIJ members have a personal CAIJ card with a unique number.

Your CAIJ card is required to:

  • access CAIJ services in general,
  • access CAIJ libraries in 40 of Québec’s 56 courthouses,
  • use new reprography equipment (photocopying, printing, scanning),
  • borrow a document (up to eight for a period of two weeks) or renew a loan in a library. 

In some courthouses, your CAIJ card also provides access to cloakrooms, lawyers’ lounges, library access hallways, etc.

For online services, your CAIJ card number is required to:

Note: Members of the Barreau du Québec can use their Barreau number instead of their CAIJ card number.

Rates and transaction history

Your CAIJ card includes an electronic wallet that allows you to pay for services such as using reprography devices in libraries (printing, photocopying, scanning), having documents delivered by courier, or research requests.

All transactions made using your CAIJ card are recorded under the Carte CAIJ page. All Transactions made since 2011 are accessible in Mon CAIJ.

Rates for reprography services:  


Prices (tax included)

Black-and-white photocopying or printing, single-sided

$0,10 / page

Black-and-white photocopying or printing, double-sided

$0,14 / sheet*

Colour photocopying or printing, single-sided

$0,50 / page

Colour photocopying or printing, double-sided

$0,80 / sheet*


$0,05 / page

* one sheet = front and back

For other rates, please see the Rates page.

Card balance and reload

You can view your balance and reload your card under the Carte CAIJ page.

Lost, stolen, or damaged card

You can replace a lost, stolen, or damaged card by requesting a replacement card. A fee of $20 + taxes is applicable.

Card deactivation

The CAIJ may deactivate a CAIJ card and withdraw access to CAIJ services in the following cases:

  • The cardholder is no longer a member in good standing of the Barreau du Québec or of the magistrature du Québec.
  • The cardholder is now a retired lawyer or judge.
  • The security deposit provided by the law firm or legal department for whom the cardholder works has expired.
  • At the end of the specified time period, the cardholder has not paid the amounts owed for the services used, as listed in Mon CAIJ.


  • Please consult the Frequently asked questions (FAQ) section for information about the CAIJ, your user account (Mon CAIJ), and instructions for printing, photocopying, and scanning using the reprography machines in CAIJ libraries.