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Archived Legislation : COVID-19

New COVID-19 legislative measures are being enacted almost every day on both the federal and provincial levels. To keep you up to date, we keep only the most recent legislative measures in our COVID-19 special file. The present special file enables you to easily access all the legislative measures archived from our primary COVID-19 special file, notably Orders in Council and Ministerial Orders.

Artificial intelLigence

Have a better understanding of the impact of artificial intelligence on law and have special access to a technology watch by field.

Archived Legal Materials : Artificial IntelLigence

Artificial Intelligence is a rapidly evolving field, which requires us to frequently update our selection of secondary sources in our Artificial Intelligence special file. The present special file enables you to access all the legal materials quickly and effectively (books, periodical articles, law firm publications, etc.) archived from our primary Artificial Intelligence special file.